Inner Action (Israel)
The dynamic duo of supreme sonic sorcerery- Nitzan Shachaf & Roy Engel hail from Yokneam, a small village in the north of Israel.
Roy Engel started his musical career playing the piano. After 4 years of classical education, he started playing the drums and expiriencing rock 'n roll and latin beats after which he spent time honing his skills by going around studios, writing composing and recording music. In 1996 during the great trance movement in Israel, Roy was heavily influenced by what was happening around him and a year later he started producing trance music in a band called "Shaff Puff". In the year 2000, he took off to San Francisco, playing at the Fusion Festival, Burning Man and other local parties in the city.
Nitzan Shachaf started his music career at the age of 10, playing the clarinet. He has been playing & performing classical music for 8 years. At age of 16 he started playing the bassguitar and was heavily infuenced by alternative rock, funk and started playing and performing with a band called Avanguard. In the year 1996 he moved to London UK, and started studying sound engineering at the "School of Audio Engineering" S.A.E for 2 years. At the same time he was collaborating with local artists producing and recording electronic music, in big studios. In 1997, he got into trance, during the electronic music revolution in London. After finishing his studies in 1999, he moved to San Francisco where he established his studio. The Inner Action project was born 5 years ago in San Francisco. Nico was building his studio at the time in Berkeley, after finishing 2 years in university of sound engineering in London SAE and moving to the states, Roy was Djing around in festivals and trance parties in San Francisco while he was recording his first tracks in various studios around the city. So since they knew each other from Israel (from the same village), it was exciting to meet on the other side of the globe and especialy when they were doing the same thing. After few months of production, the first Inner Action live act was ready to debut at the traditional "Howard St. Fare" a crazy street party, in the middle of the day until evening, infront of the CCC warehouse (San Fransisco). In that line-up of the street fare, were few more local artists and of course Biodegradable. At the end of 2001, they moved to live in Barcelona, Spain. Since then, they have been making tracks with absolutely pristine production, packed to the brim with twisted melodies, wicked, scratchy yet sharp leads, tight beats and grooves on phat basslines. That will surely drive you nuts!
So watch out for the gems coming out from Inner Action sonic propulsion laboratories!


Liquid Hologram album @ Procyon

@ VA - Decoder, Neurobiotic
People of Light @ VA -Mind Controllers Part 1, Mind Control
Incorporated @ VA - Killers Inc, 3D Vision
The Choice @ VA - Eternity, Mandala
Dream of Jungle @ VA - Sirius Blasting, Sirius
Rolling @ VA - Positive Prototype, Proton
Future Path @ VA - Exotica, Mahogany
Movements @ VA - Goodfellas, Materia
Sings from the Sky @ VA - Rabbani, Hadra
Restricted Files @ VA - Trancelvania, Pukkamusic

coming soon:
Energy Elevator @ Mandala
Updating @ Digital distortion rce.
Taste the Rainbow (vs Puzzle) @ Beyond Logic
Highest Stage (vs Mekkanikka) @ VA - Generations of Psytrance vol 1, Planet
Spaced Out (vs Bliss) @ VA - Generations of Psytrance vol.2, Planet Ben
Halloween (feat. Dj Danger) @ Procyon rec

Los 3 Mosqueteers (sideproject with CPU)
Galactic Wisdom @ VA - Digital Factory, 3D Vision