Procyon Records, based in Budapest and Bombay, is a label dedicated to being the perfect nexus between the artist and the listener. They produce, we bring it to you and you listen: frenzyinducing psychedelic electronica!!!
That's our single-minded mission and the planet is our domain. Although based in Europe, we're really from everywhere. Label manager, Danger and label dj Boohna are Hungarians and A&R, Roopak is half-Indian/half-Nepalese, living in Bombay. And right from the start, internationalism is a major aspect of our work. We basically comb the planet to find a harmonious blend of established artists and newcomer talent to create the Procyon sound. In keeping with the true spirit of our globally connected community of tranceheads, we also intend to carry, ride and radiate the vibe that we are always searching for.
That's us in a nutshell...

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