Alternative Control (Serbia)
Alternative Control are Rastko Palikuca(20) and Goran Toprek (25), both living in Belgrade, Serbia.
They started dj-ing in 1999 and began creating music together in 2003. Goran started making different kinds of music in 1997 and was producing some techno, hip hop and house stuffs. He was a big fan of heavy metal also. Rastko joins him in 2003 after working in Liquid and Solid organization and then they started the Alternative Control name, promoting it all over the world, in only 2 years of their existing they released tracks on Spun rec, Turbo Trance, Pukka musica, Proton, Soular, Oxygen, Spliff music, making remixes of Sesto Sento, S-range, Bizzare Contact, and many collaborations with international artists. Without releasing a debut album, they are touring around the world extensively playing in Brasil, Japan, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, Hungary and many more.









CPU (Spain)
Central Processing Unit is the musical brainchild of Samy Guediche also known as Dr. Sam. Born in 1971 in Switzerland, Samy started music at the age of 12, hiding a guitar in his parents' storage room. By the time he was 20 he was also playing bass, keyboard and drums. He then studied jazz and worked in recording studios as sound engineer and session musician while playing in all kinds of events with local bands, until his move to California, where he got introduced to psytrance in 1998 in the CCC, the psychedelic temple of San Francisco. In 1999 he founded the full on trance project Biodegradable, with Nikka (Mekkanikka) and Maxx (Sirius Isness). Biodegradable got many releases on compilations and a first album named Phaser on Acidance Records in 2001. Samy then started on his own CPU, which got immediate recognition from the dancefloors all around the planet. Followed a first self titled CPU album in 2003 for the French psy trance label 3D Vision, with great success. The tour that followed brought many dancefloors to a total frenzy. At the same time as working on his second album Computer Error, he compiled his first compilation for 3D Vision (Killers Inc), and worked in the studio on many collaborations with artists like Absolum, Skazi, Nomad, Atomic Pulse, Space Tribe, Earthling, Puzzle, Sirius Isness and Inner Action...









Quantum State (Hungary)
The Quantum State psytrance project was formed in 1999, one month before the Solipse festival. In the begining they produced mainly goatrance with arabic melodies. One and a half year later they turned into the hard and dark psychedelic trance and started to produce more groove orientated brainwashing tracks. They built up a very powerful dark fullon live set and started to release tracks by the biggest Hungarian electronical music magazin []. Later they contracted to BooM! Records in Groningen and had releases in BooM! compillations and released the album "Subatomic Travellers" which contained dark and melodic fullon for the dancefloor. They have releases by BooM! Records, [NL] Sundance records [Aus] and Alkaloid records [Aus]. Their music is very unique; some kind of dark fullon. Their tracks have dark atmosphere but has a lot of melodic themes and guitars. First of all we should take Quantum State as a real live act, because their strongest point is the live performance by using live guitar and live synthetisers.









Silicon Sound (France)
Johannes Regnier is a very well known and respected musician. He started playing Jazz and Funk 10 years ago and he reached big popularity as an artist writing electronic music. His project Silicon Sound was born on 2002, and in few months climbed to the top of the international trance scene, playing his unique style to dancefloors all over the world. His music is a mix of powerful sounds, atmospheres, sophisticatd melodies and crystal clear production with a touch of progressive feeling. His first album, Pure Analog, released on the french label Moon Spirit, was one of he biggest hits of 2003 and he's now working on his second one going to be released in 2005 on Neurobiotic Records.









Shift (South Africa)
Chris Hoy is native to Cape Town, South Africa. He is one of SA's top export trance acts and has been producing psy for five years, using Cubase, monster VSTs , and a growing hardware studio. This seen him jet off to such exotic locations as Japan, Israel, the UK, Portugal, Australia, Belgium, Brazil and many others, to demolish crowds with his own very special blend of dark yet uplifting, full power psy. He has released on many international labels as well as helping create on of Cape Town's leading psy labels, Timecode records, before moving on to create his own new label, nexus media. Focusing not only on psy, he is also broadening his horizons to encompass other styles of music and sound production. He along with phyx and rabdom L also form a group known as twisted system with whom he is currently also enjoying much success after the release of their first album - the dealers on Timecode records - and a second album is also now in production. His second full solo album "excession - escape, explore, expand" was released on crystal matrix records in march 2005..