1. Virtuart - Kalki

2. Shift - Optical Delusion

3. Stralia - Transducer

4. Psyside - True Power

5. Sienis - Snakes 'n' Sparklers

6. Nomad - Party Time

7. Mr Peculiar- Prophecy

8. Atomic Pulse - 360 degrees

9. Mastermind - Excalibur


Dripping with copious amounts of psychedelic juice and blistering with mindcrunching, nervetwanging, calfdestroying, dancefloor bombshells, Freaks in a Frenzy is Procyon's debut release. With a merciless melange of killer gems from both, established and emerging wizards of psychedelic trance from all over the world- France, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, Israel, Spain and South Africa- it will penetrate your reality, twist your senses and leave you cringing with delight. On the roster for our debut release, we've got experienced French veteran- Virtuart, South Africa’s relentless rhythmrumbler- Shift, Brazilian quadradigitalizers- Stralia, hysteriainducers- Psyside, Swedish mushies Sienis, hyperactive Nomad, wizard of Oz aka Mr. Peculiar, powerpunching Israeli rocket- Atomic Pulse and it ends with morning bliss in the form of a first-time release by Mastermind (Fred Talaa of Neuromotor & E.S.X.S. fame and Jean-Luc from Psyside).


Mastering by Synthetic Dado @ Benni Formigas Studio (Ibiza) and Zero Studios (Tokyo)

release date: 1st of october 2oo2

1. CPU - Laptop Orgy

2. MonasticSquid vs Shift - Suit Up rmx

3. Illusion of Self - Spectrum

4. E.S.X.S. - Electryk Mama

5. Nomad - X-Style

6. PsySex - Fast and Furious

7. Wizzy Noise - Acid Echo

8. Dynamic vs Zmachine - Side Effect

9. Silicon Sound - The Shell


Procyon Records is back with another psychefrying sonic display of dancefloor bombshells compiled by Roopak and danger. Highoctane is a prize stash of yummy sonic candy banging with intensity and topped with melodic delight…and again, the goodies come from across the globe.

Kicking it off is 3DVision’s newest swashbuckler- CPU with a turbocharged opener called Laptop Orgy. For track 2, talented newcomer- London/Yokohama-based MonasticSquid teams up with South Africa’s rhythmrumbler- Shift to create a maniacal mean monster. Next up is new Oz export- Illusion of Self's brand of downunder derangement followed by neurodamager- ESXS launching a flaming firebomb. Along comes hyperactive Nomad, who ups the ante with a tantalizing tribute to X-Dream. Sun’s rising…and altered statesmen- PsySex rush in fast and furiously with Wizzy Noise on their tail…blowing your mind while they’re at it. Then there's dazzling dynamism from Dynamic vs newcomer Zmachine and it ends with an oh-so-smiley grand finale from melodic merlin- Silicon Sound, gettin’ kinda groovy…m-m-m-melodically.

Maximally mindboggling, asswiggling dancefloor and craftily psychedelic all the way through!!


Mastering by Xenomorph @ The Hive Studio, Berlin

release date: 13th of october 2oo3

1. Liquid Hologram

2. Inside

3. Crazy Sequence

4. The Future is Now

5. Private Party

6. Electronic Shadow

7. Blast

8. The Vision

9. Silver Stone


Procyon Records proudly present one of the most buzzing fresh act in the scene: Inner Action's debut album. This project is a collaboration between Nitzan Schahaf (Delusion) and Roy Engel (Painkiller). Their debut album, called Liquid Hologram is the essence manifested by their years of hard work and the result is a truly spineshocking psychedelic wizardry melted into 9 tracks. After having tracks on more than half dozen compilations, their best work up to date is in this album. These tracks including a collaboration with CPU filled with absolutely pristine production, packed to the brim with twisted melodies, wicked, scratchy yet sharp leads, tight beats and grooves on fat basslines topped with a little taste from the good old times will cause dustclouds of joy on every dancefloor around the globe, no doubt!

Watch out for this hologram broadcasted from Barcelona!

Analog and digital mastering by Lior Perlmutter @ Dance City Masters

release date: 3rd of october 2oo5